Dancing Queens


Close your eyes. Dazzling streaks of blue and white lights pierce the dusty air. A flash of blinding yellow light and the incredibly loud music rents the air. It blasts away a month two months of our mundane college days and sleepless college nights. The field erupts into a volcano of yells as a thousand students endeavour to bring the sky down. I open my eyes.  I look at my friend gleaming in the darkess and smile. Let the show begin.

Fun fact.

A. If ever you are stuck in a room with me and couldn’t escape until you made me talk, you’d rot in there. I’m not kidding.

B.I don’t let my hair down(literally and figuratively!) and I analyze and calculate my degree of embarassment IF I make the unlikely mistake of dancing in public–for a rock concert–even if it’s in the DARK with my girl gang.

But tonight? I was going to take a humongous leap out of my cozy little comfort zone and GO CRAZY. Yep. Crazy. I was going to dance. And I was going to drag my equally(if not more) resistant buddy WITH ME.


The second the first strains of the song began, about 25 girls rushed past us onto the field and started dancing, my gang included. They waved at us to come. We shook our heads in unison.

Sigh, habits ingrained in my DNA were obviously going to be very difficult to break.

I looked at them longingly for a few minutes and asked Feez(my friend) casually, “Do you wanna join them? “. I waited for her reply anxiously. Nope.


We tapped our feet to the jaunty music and whooped when the song ended. The second song started.  I looked around me. Everybody was dancing. No one except Feez and I were idiotic enough to sit and simply clap to the rhythm. Fun, though that was, Enough was Enough.

“ Let’s Dance!”, I yelled over the music and dragged her to the field before I chickened out.

Our dancing buddies were ecstatic to see us join them. We were hustled to the centre and as the chorus started, we stood still and looked at each other…Uh what do we do?!

“Try this move! “ screamed one friend. And so we did.

We hopped on one foot and wiggled the other, jumped in the air and hooted, waved our arms like windmills, did the Egyptian sideways walk, the wave and LAUGHED! Laughed hard till our sides ached and we doubled over looking at each other’s efforts. It was so much of FUN!

I never realized that dancing so uninhibitedly was so cathartic and just pure fun all the way! It makes you feel like you can do anything in the world and frees your body, mind and spirit!

There was so much of positive energy and laughter last night.

As the songs became faster and the night darker, we just danced harder!

It was incredible letting our hair down(literally! I never do 😛 ) and letting the pulsing lights and the soul-shaking music lift us high. We danced like rock-chick-Cinderellas till midnight as the neon lights swooshed across the sky, illuminating everybody and everything and heightening the surreal feeling!

Have YOU been to a rock concert? If you haven’t, DO IT! And don’t be afraid to put your best foot forward and jiggle it with all you have! If not now, WHEN?


Remember, YOLO! 😀 (You Live Only Once)!




Hey everybody! It’s been a reeeeally long time! I’ve been so caught up with college and in the snarling Devil’s Snare-Triwizard Maz-ish exasperating, frustrating, compli…wait..this sounds like a Taylor Swift song..Uggh…Let’s start again.
LONG TIME NO WRITE guys! Well, THAT’s not being completely honest. I wrote some crazy-long papers and suffered through near-failing some of my exams and a possible heart-attack…*shudder*
Nothing I write seems to turn out very positive, does it? LOL. It’s probably because I’m veering towards college stuff and the hullabaloo that comes with it!

I can’t believe my luck either! I have so much time on my hands, I’m going a little crazy. OK, a LOT crazy. Like jumping-around-like-a-demented-dingbat-crazy.
So what’s a girl to do? Try something NEW, of course! Something NOT in my alley. Something that I wouldn’t even CONSIDER stepping into for fear of killing people, burning the house down or if I have to be a little optimistic, a little poisoning. Yeah, just a teeny bit..Hmm..(*nods sagely* or was it *saVAgely?* X_X )
Nooo, I have not become homicidal within a few months( though I was sorely tempted for a while in college..those professors…YEESH!), I’m talking about that most sacred of arts, the one thing to get your nose tingling and your home smelling like PARADISE! Yep, it’s COOKING folks. Or to be more specific, BAKING.
I should explain a little about my love for cooking. It’ll be really short. There wasn’t any! Well, unless you don’t count making banana milkshakes after avidly watching Tellytubbies. Yep, I don’t think that counts!
But BAKING has a whole different meaning. After reading tons of books that eulogize baking and how women always bake when they’re stresses and how cathartic and therapeutic it is to take out your anger and punches on a willing piece of dough, made better by all that *take THAT sucker!* whacks, it seems like the OBVIOUS excuse to enter mom’s hallowed portals.
I remember the morning so well…(I’m not telling you that it was yesterday..) The sky was blue and shining, there wasn’t a cloud to blot my happiness of the holidays and sucking in a deep breath and bolstering my courage, I stepped across the safety zone into the KITCHEN.
I’d looked up my first recipe. Banana bread. Sigh…I know, I know. Not very imaginative. I could have googled raspberry Parfait or something absolutely marvelous like Triple-Layer Cheesecake with Peanut Butter and no, I did not just google that! Nope, my very first baking attempt was with a good, old-fashioned banana. Why? Because the house was OVERFLOWING with bananas, that’s why!
I wasn’t complaining. Bananas have a naturally gooey texture and it would help me in my maiden effort! So, I got together all my ingredients guaranteed to produce a gorgeous, little banana cake. I sifted flour, clumsily cracked 2 eggs, generously poured sugar(*LORD, ANYTHING WITH ENOUGH SUGAR MAY BE EATEN WITH THY GRACE.*), a dash of cinnamon and a tiny splosh of vanilla essence and with great guilt, a cup of vegetable oil..Goodbye abs…Sigh…you gotta let go of something to get something magical!
OMG I forgot the most important ingredient, BANANAS! I mashed the lovely yellows to sticky, gooey mush and added it to the mixing bowl. I started whisking with added zest and TADA! The cake mixture was DONE! Stage 1, cleared.
I sniffed the brown mash delicately, hmm…smells pretty good from the cinnamon and vanilla, I wonder how it would taste…YUCK! Time to get in the oven!
I popped the mixture, now snug-as-a-bug in the baking tray into the oven, set the timer for 20 minutes, closed my eyes and prayed.
I have never, I repeat, NEVER known 20 minutes to go by so slowly. What ever happened to Tempus Fugit? Grrr…I peeped through the glass anxiously, was my baby ok? Gaaah! I couldn’t see anything through the dark glass! I paced like a caged erm..panther! Yeah, rawr..
I realized that my willing it to cook faster wasn’t pressurizing it in the slightest and so, I went around the house aimlessly, cocking my ear for the sweet TING! After an unbearable 19 minutes, I knew it was 19 because I’d rushed back to the kitchen smelling the faint cakey fragrance…
I glanced at the timer, 30 seconds to go…I dropped on to my hands and did a downward-facing -dog(that’s a yoga pose!) and stretched out to a plank. 10 seconds. 10 push-ups. Go!
10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1-TING! It beeped! Whoopee! I leaped up and opened the oven door. Carefully, that’s it, slow and steady..I pulled out the baking tray and sucked in a breath.
The most beautiful, deliciously-golden and scrumptiously-fragrant banana cake looked back at me. I placed the golden beauty on the wire tray to cool and watched it from every angle, like a mother with her new baby. It was so perfect! The slight crustiness on top, a little walnut poking out and the fragrance, sigh…much better than a baby’s bottom!
I quickly powdered sugar and squeezed in lemon to make the icing and dabbed it generously on Goldie. Yummy! I sliced Goldie into various sizes and placed it on a plate. This was the moment of truth. Would it taste as good as it smelt and looked?
It did.
It was magical and absolutely unbelievable that I could actually create something so delicious! I didn’t choke and die(yet)! Yippeee! The world is mine. Muahahahaha! Look out Rachel Allen!
Seriously, the niggling doubt and fear about the forbidden-zone disappeared. I am no longer afraid of the KITCHEN and the MICROWAVE. I think that’s my biggest achievement and the fact that I BAKED, of course!
Don’t be scared! Step out of your comfort zone and try something DASHING! Stun your friends and family( My family were pretty gobsmacked! 😉 ).It makes you feel so AWESOME too!
So, go ahead! You know, you can bake your cake and eat it too! 😀



He make look crusty but he’s a sweetheart! ❤

First Haiku!

First Haiku!

The cold wind whipping by
Feel my heart yearning to rise
Dare to dream and fly?

Let's Haiku!



“Still round the corner there may wait
A new road or a secret gate
And though I oft have passed them by
A day will come at last when I
Shall take the hidden paths that run
West of the Moon, East of the Sun.”

Radiant Orchids

Radiant Orchids

Flowers don’t worry about how the’re going to bloom. They just open up and turn toward the light and that makes them beautiful.

~Jim Carrey

Beauty and the Beach


Qurum Beach, Oman


Have you ever walked on the beach in the earrrly morning? When you’re barely awake and thinking darkly about your fitness-freak friend who poured a mug of water on your angelic, sleeping face and yelled in your ear? Sigh…I guess not.


Anyway, there I was, driving to the beach at 6 in the morning. ON A HOLIDAY. I know right?


There was chilly sea-breeze tickling my nose and I sneezed as I stepped out of the warm car. Not a good sign, I warned as I tripped into a sand hole and looked up and saw THAT sea!

The most gorgeous, beautiful silvery sea stared right back at me.

How can I describe something so lovely? The light-blue sky and a radiant sea; salty, sea-breeze pushing you back playfully and the moon in front of you and the early-morning sun behind, peeping through the palm-trees;

Miniature storks toddling happily through the water, they walk so fast that you can barely see their legs moving! Ten minutes have gone by and the sun decides that it’s time to make an appearance! The sets slowly change, a pale blush shadows the sky and golden glitter powders the lightest blue. The moon is still there, though. The sea which ws so placid and silvery now begins to sparkle and the waves become stronger. A delicate warmth now radiates and we tie our jackets around our waist as we continue jogging.

Oh! Didn’t I mention it? We were jogging(**disgust**)..well my friend was jogging and I was huffing and puffing like a steam engine running fast out of coal and praying that the end-of-the-wall would come at the same rate that we were jogging towards it! To take my mind off the pain and the sound of my breathing(wasn’t pretty), I looked around and boy, was there PLENTY!


There was a little round water conference of serious-looking storks discussing their agenda for the day, a couple of secretaries and bodyguards scuttling around hunting for refreshments and little red crabs hurrying away to safer ground(you didn’t see me!).

The sea was the star attraction, though. Dressed in its fanciest and trusty blue and white, it glowed aand sparkled with the sunlight and the shoals of fish drifting through leaving patches of pure silver between the blues and greens. I know it sounds mushy but how does nature paint something so beautiful? The mist cleared before our eyes and golden rays filtered through the trees turned the sand and sea to a magical haven!


We finally reached the end-point and whooped with joy(and tears of gratitude!) I looked at the sea now. The whole beach. The glorious sun. The soft breeze. When I closed my eyes, a sense of timelessness stole across me. The muffled roar of the waves and the yummy sea-spray.


I could stand there forever!


Hope my short-term memory caches this ‘cos I have a baaad feeling that I’m going to need this inspiration to wake up tomorrow.



December Diaries

Jacket Bag? Check. Two strollers? Check. Water Bottles?

Do we really need to carry WATER BOTTLES? We can buy them!
Why? We don’t need to carry them BACK! And why do we need to BUY them? We have lots of water at home! OK. Check!
Wait! Food…the FOOD BAG! Do we have that? YES!
Ok. All set? Let’s GO!
And that’s how the lovely trip to Wahiba Sands began…on a not-so-auspicious and tempest-in-a-teacup kind of atmosphere.
But once the usual scramble and bagging the window seat(there are only 2 at the back!) ended, we settled down to enjoy the next 3 days with nature and bliss and not necessarily together.( 😉 )
There was a fifth member in our little group, our aunt- Pinky!

LOL she doesn’t look anything like a “pinky” but it was her childhood nickname and it stuck!

Anyway, we trundled off into the late morning sun in our car. We whizzed through Muscat whilst mom and dad enthusiastically pointed out its various delights and important(yawn!) buildings. Esh was wrapped in clicking away spectacular and (LOL) tiny pictures of the moving scenery from the car with the new and borrowed DSLR. In her words, “It turns the ordinary to extraordinary!” and so it did, turning craggy mountains and neem trees into high resolution craggy mountains and neem trees! Did I mention goats?

A few half-hours into the journey, I started to get a little carsick like I usually do but it could have been aggravated by Mom’s inability to yell at the permissible decibel range. I gave up after my not-so-subtle hints to mom to reduce her amplitude had been blatantly ignored and plugged in my ipod earphones in a huff, increasing the volume till Taylor Swift just about managed to drown mom’s soliloquy on the mountains and beaches and everything else under the sun.

How time flies when one is not bombarded by loud noises (from the front) and is under the sweet influence of music. It flies very fast indeed! In no time at all we were at the pick-up point on the edge of Wahiba Sands.
Our Omani guide was quite a character! A multilinguist , “super” driver, sound-effects artiste and marketing expert all in one package…modesty excluded.

We crammed into his land rover and with a brief and wholly unsympathetic warning about hanging on to our seats shot across the slippery sands. Going straight up on a monstrous sand dune and inching BACKWARDS, being nearly thrown out of our seats while our driver dutifully provided the required exclamations at the right time was a dreadful amount of FUN!
The view from the rover (when we stopped for a few seconds before the next death-defying jump) was breathtaking. It looked like a scene from the Arabian Nights.



Gorgeous red and golden sand dunes towering over the desert…it felt as if we had stepped into Aladdin’s territory!
Our little huts were equipped with all the basic necessities.
After a short siesta, we rode up to the top of the golden-est dune that you ever saw!
Our driver dropped us off, bade us goodbye and plummeted down the steep slope into the desert.
We were freeee to gallop across the golden sands and explore the vast desert to our heart’s content. Esh and I immediately walked, waded and whisked across the soft sands and climbed the slippery dunes with great difficulty . The slippery sand was terribly deceiving. It looked beautifully smooth and enchantingly golden and tempted us to climb it but the second we put our foot in, it sank.
So, Esh and I huffed and puffed our way over dunes till the top where we would sigh with pleasure.

Esh enjoyed herself thoroughly making sand angels and sand waterfalls and rivulets. It was one big adventure with me expounding the dangers lurking in the desert sands. Thoughts of Black Mambas, Adders, Vipers and Rattlesnakes rolled around in my head as I imagined all these horrors emerging from the sand or the cool green bushes. Esh waved them away as if they were mere bagatelles intent on walking the edge of a tall dune but no one could say that I hadn’t tried my best to scare her!

As the sun dipped over the dunes, the sky metamorphosed into a rainbow of soft, radiant colors.

ImageOne by one, a slideshow of blues, yellows, oranges, purples, reds and pinks changed delicately across the sky. The sun glowed an incandescent yellow and slowly softened into a rosy ball whilst the sand turned into shades of burnished copper and gold. We breathed a delighted sigh as it finally disappeared behind the dunes. The sky shimmered with stars as we carefully loped down the dunes and stood at our room’s doorway breathing in the crisp, cold air. It was a trek to remember, for sure. The unbelievable beauty of the sunset and the surreal landscape was a picture we would carry for a long time.
After a dreamless night, we woke up early the in the morning and walked around the camp. The air was misted by dew and sand. We couldn’t see three feet in front of us! Esh took lots of pictures of dewy trees and sweaty carousel horses!


The dunes looked like vague shadows skulking around the desert or what we could see of the desert!
Esh and I revved up the mini-quads like pros and roared across the sands! It was a fantastic experience.

The wind in my hair, the desert zipping by and two unexpected visitors- Camels!


It ended all too soon and it seemed like no time at all that we found ourselves bidding au revoir to Wahiba Sands.




But wait, there was more to come!

Our next destination was the Turtle Beach. We’d come here three times and each time, the experience turned out to be entirely different.


This time, dad had booked a miracle-tent worthy of the Weasly’s tent in Harry Potter! It had everything including an attached bathroom, beds, TV and a magnificent view of the sea.

After a short nap and a quick trip to Ras al Hadd town, we went down to dinner. It was sigh…delicious! Though the rocket leaves still give me nightmares.
After dinner, we crowded into the waiting hall for the turtle-watching expedition.
A group of 15 headed by a guide walked across the beach to the nesting grounds.
On our way, I suddenly spotted something small and black wriggling in the sand. I grabbed dad’s arm and yelped “Turtle!” He didn’t believe me but the guide swiftly came around and picked up the tiny wriggler and lo and behold! It was a lost turtlekin! He took it along with him to plop it into the sea. There was a happy glow in me as we made a cheerful start to the expedition.
It was a lovely, cold night with a star-studded sky and a milky moon silvering the mountains and the sands. We stopped before a large hole where a large, green turtle lay, patiently shoveling mounds of sand from its nest.

We watched it in fascinated silence as our guide explained about turtles in his funny, accented English as the waves lapped the shore and glowed an eerie green from the phosphorescent plankton.
Note: I realize that the above was a pretty long sentence. So, I’ll break it up for you!
We watched the turtle. The guide explained turtle trivia. He had a quirky accent which made us laugh. The sea glowed green. Why? Because of all the phosphorescent plankton, of course!
Moving on.
The guide scooped up a little seawater to show us the glowing plankton and we oohed and ahed over it.
There was one little lady who reminded me of a PG Wodehouse character, Miss Madeline Bassett who frequently asserts that stars are god’s daisy chains or some other sentimental nonsense and she(lady on the beach) kept giving small yelps of “Oh! I’ve got stars in my hands!” and it made me chuckle!
We watched another turtle crawl back and launch itself into the sea and a couple of stray turtlettes and turtlekins trundle back hilariously on their spindly flippers into the water.
Turtle Trivia:
There are 5 turtle species- Loggerhead, Green, Hawk-nosed, Olive Ridley and Saddleback.
Oman has all five!
Do you know that turtles weigh from 90 to 300 kilograms? They also live up to a 80 years minimum!
Turtles are classified into turtlettes or turtlekins based on the temperature of the sand. Hot sands-turtlettes and cool sands- turtlekins!
Out of a hundred eggs, only 2 or 3 manage to survive foxes, seagulls, crabs and big turtles to hatch and make it to the sea.
And that is all from The Turtle Times.
4:30 am saw 4 sleepy Indians and a couple of others back at the beach for the sunrise. To our surprise, there was a turtle just on its way back to the sea. We waved a bon voyage to it and waited on the dark beach for the sun to rise.



Bit by bit, the twinkling stars faded and a light pink flooded the sky. It slowly leached into yellow and blue turning the dark blue sea into a shimmering beauty. Gorgeous cliffs and artistically-inclined rocks magnificently arranged along the beach proved to be willing and beautiful subjects to the DSLR under dad’s hands.


The lovely morning glow yawned across the entire beach as we walked back to the tent. The sun suddenly rose up, a brilliant orange, over the sea!



A wonderful warmth filled the breakfast lounge as we ate our way through yummy pancakes and honey, fruits and oatmeal.
After that nourishing meal, we packed up and walked out to the sun-lit patio for the last time, absorbing the sea and the mountains, remembering the turtles and the stars, capturing it all in our cameras and our hearts.


Our last but one stop was Wadi Shab. We took a boat to the other side of the wadi where a little, grey donkey greeted us!


Towering canyons of golden rock loomed over enchanting green pools of water brimming with tiny fishes. Mom took plenty of pictures!



We walked and walked till we reached a small cliff and thought that we’d reached the end when a group of trekkers climbed over it and walked on! So, all of us cautiously climbed and plodded on.

The view below changed from dull brown to beautiful white and a stunning blue-green lake that was so crystal clear that we could see the bottom!


Esh and I found the expedition incredibly exciting as we chose the hardest rocks and highest ledges to climb. Esh named it The Wadi of Adventure after the Enid Blyton series.



We walked along a “Falaj “( a canal) to climb over the steeper bits and jumped across streams and walked under mini-waterfalls! And all this in a desert too!
It was 2 hours later that we realized that Wadi Shab was never going to end and decided to head back. Going back was much easier and we were back in 45 minutes! The memory of the glorious green water still lingers…
The last stop was a quick look at the Sinkhole. A large limestone cavern with a sun-roof and a natural swimming pool! The water made glittering patterns on the walls. That’s all I remember!


Oh! And the exhausting climb from the sinkhole back to dry land is very discouraging. The things we do for visitors…climbing up after Wadi Shab was tortuous. No wonder Esh and Mom prudently decided to watch from above!


We quickly started back to Muscat and whizzed through desert scenery and the blue Arabian Sea encountering placid Jamals(camels in Arabic) and goats!





Back home after 3 days! Three long and exciting days with every day completely unique and bringing something totally unexpected. Who would have thought that we would see THREE turtles in the turtle off-season? Or that we’d wake up in time for the sunrise? Live in a marvelous tent? Stopped by the police?( haha!) That Wadi Shab would reveal muscles that we never knew existed? And most importantly, have a glorious, fantastic holiday with a long-lost aunt? (<3)
Beauty, Mystery, Sun, Sea, Sands and Turtles. There. That’s our trip!



*Esh is my little sister!

Carpe Diem!


Do you sometimes feel like you have NO IDEA what to do with yourself? I do. Frequently!

It’s not that i have nothing to do, it’s just that i don’t want to venture out of my cozy little comfort zone and try something new or do something exciting.
There are a zillion craaazy things to experience and do every single day! I dream of owning my own library, a blissful holiday in bora-bora(no idea where it is!), do NOTHING all day long, eating whatever i want and not puttin on an ounce(ha! fat chance.), strut down the runway at the Paris Fashion week, try bungee jumping, go out on a date, buy the craziest, most gorgeous dress everrr and so much more!
But nothing really ever happens when you only sit and dream. Whatever it is, you’ve got to believe that it’s absolutely,positively possible and go out and DO IT! Easy to say when i’m incredibly lazy.
To really jolt myself out of the depressing limbo of “I’m so pathetic” cycle, I have to find different ways of snapping out of my reverie and actually doing something. I find that pilates and not just ANY pilates, POP PILATES with the irrepressibly cheerful Cassey Ho ALWAYS manages to lift my spirits! Have you tried her workouts? they’re an insane amount of FUN! Terribly hard and always painful but makes me feel like I can conquer the world and ain’t NOTHIN’ can stop me! Muahahahaha! Gruelling workouts tend to do that. Breathing becomes your first and only priority.
Delving into my magic trove of books by Betty Neels also cheers me up. Gorgeous Dutchmen, mountainous desserts, beautiful clothes, lovely mansions and a sigh-worthy happily-ever-after makes you believe that life is indeed very beautiful! Smell the roses, look at the sky and savour every mouthful for who knows? Your Prince Charming might be just around the proverbial corner waiting to ambush you!
So, get out and try something new every day. Make every day COUNT. Doesn’t it give you a feeling of satisfaction when at the wnd of the day, you KNOW that today was NOT like yesterday or the day before and will not be like tomorrow. A brand new day with a whole rainbow of fresh experiences!
Isn’t life just peachy?

Little Horror


Little Bundle Of Joy

Heart thumping madly, i looked into the steel crib softly draped with linen blankets and into the pink, wrinkly face and felt…THIS is my new sister?!

The night was pulsing with anxiety and excitement. When the first rays of the sun peeped into the room, my grandmama rudely woke me up from a rather nice dream and yelled, “You have a new baby sister!” It took a few stupid seconds for those profound words to sink into my sleepy head but soon my adrenaline took over and i whooped loudly and leapt out of my bed, screaming happily. Little did I know how my life would change with this little creature of chaos, innocently called, SISTER.

Anyway, it took a while to realize that the peach-like object in the cot with fuzzy hair, who did practically nothing but sleep, was A: my new sister and B: would one day look human. Mum, dad and my granny were obviously delighted and were, i think, a little anxious about MY reaction. Fortunately for everyone, i fell in love with the fuzzy peach on sight. I mean who wouldn’t? My very own baby doll to play with and dress up and show off to my deprived baby-sister-less friends! Oh, the possibilities were endless and i couldn’t wait!

Surprisingly, i was allowed to carry the peach even when she was a few days old. Evidently, my dear parents trusted me enough not to drop her. Anyway, it was quite impossible to drop her because the little fuzzball was swaddled in a variety of shawls and blankies with a convenient number of grip-holes and the family jumping alarmingly even if i so much as twitched a little blanky. It was annoying.

She was a delicate, little thing in my arms, soft , cuddly and flushed pinkily. She hardly ever opened her eyes, as if the world beneath her small eyelids were infinitely more beautiful and she looked completely at peace. I loved touching her small, snub of a nose and smiled when she smiled.

A couple of days later, we brought the pink fuzzball home, and ensconced her in a little cubby-hole on the bed. There were furry teddy-bears surrounding her and colourful toys and merrily jingling lights dangling above her so that she could just touch them. It was all very cozy and i hoped she liked it because she was showing a lamentable lack of reaction so far to everything and everybody around her. When would she actually wake up?

A few days later, she woke up and boy did she make us remember THAT every moment of the day and night! She screamed her way through the day and yelled her way through the night. With her pink face screwed up tightly and opening her tiny mouth to surprising dimensions, fuzzball left us nightmarish memories of “those” days.

With a sisterly concern hardly shown by my cruel mother, I used to cuddle her and soothe her during those free-for-all wailing sprees. I used to be genuinely worried and worked-up about fuzzy while her so-called “mother” snored obliviously on. Such is life.

Until then, fuzzball was just..fuzzball. But we couldn’t always keep calling her THAT though I found it kind of cute. According to boring tradition, we had to give her a proper little name and we did. A naming ceremony later, fuzzball officially became known as “Shriesha”. Now, that was way too long for a foot-long creature, so I shortened it to Esh.

So, esh wobbled, cried, drooled and dribbled her way into our lives. She’d be crawling jauntily or playing merrily with her numerous toys and when I walked in after school, she’d drop everything with a gratifying swiftness and crawl her way towards me. So, yep, it was very satisfying. I showed her off to my little friends like she was a new science experiment, describing her every little aspect and narrating her latest accomplishments.

 *sniff* Where did those days go?

Fuzzy had now attained humanlike features and even two tiny teeth which she showed off every time she grinned. So in a short while, everyone could DRAW those things to perfection from memory.

Small things stand out in my memory- the time when esh threw the cloth blocking her way in the furious crawl towards the camera, eating tomatoes out of the basket, peeing right in the center of the carrom-board, scribbling on my carefully-done homework, making her first wobbly stand before promptly sitting down, dressed up in tiny clothes and looking like a real munchkin, banging pots and pans and singing loudly, sleeping softly when I sang and smiling cheekily all the time.

Months and years flew by madly and Esh, the fuzzball, was now a 3 foot tomboy with a toothy grin, a regrettable lack of manners and a multitude of weird popeye-esque expressions. The only thing that made me feel better was the important fact that her english was excellent, all thanks to moi ,obviously.

Little esh had a terrible experience when she was flitting in and out of hospitals. But she bore hell with unbelievable courage and recovered with amazing resilience. We all went through an incredible rough patch, especially Esh but that horrible experience reminded us, forcefully, that life just hung by a fragile thread and that we ought to cherish everyone and really embrace each moment in our lives.

Flash forward and now Fatty-loo a.k.a. Pigloo was now a sturdy 5-footer with a passion for food( deluded mum and indignant sis yell “no” but I  know and now you do) and a mad enthusiasm for everything under the sun, everything except studies,that is. Her superhuman energy wilts under Math and Science and she positively turns green at the mere whisper of “hindi”. The only subject she finds herself able to accommodate is Social Studies, a subject  which she aces every time.

Pig’s day is stuffed with every possible activity with a teensy 30 minutes of frantic completion of homework. On her unlucky days, mom buckles her down to semi-serious studies of math, science and her “Favourite”, Hindi.

My sister with her uber-high levels of unending chi slams off 3.5 hours of badminton, kicks out 1.5 hours of karate, plays out an hour on her long keyboard and relaxes with a heart-pumping swim.

A few paragraphs back, I’d eulogised about the wonderful advantages of having a sister, the main being- dressing her up in cute clothes. Alas! My lovely hopes were shot down (violently, with hysterical fits) before they could even take flight. My darling piglet of a sister refused and resisted all my enthusiastic efforts to teach her basic clothes’ sense. I was forced to never associate the words “Pink”, “Dress” and “Accessories” with the fanatically-determined tomboy. Forget using all the words together to create a magical combination. Did she try to understand that she was in infact a female of the human species? Nope. She remained, true to her name, pigheaded.

But all thanks to that wonderful power called “Fate”, Esh has finally found a place in a gang of girls. I’m very grateful.

With the arrival of the iPad, she’s been constantly glued to the little screen, touching away speedily and amusing herself for hours, discovering new apps and annoying everybody by ignoring everybody(meaning ME).

My little sister stands up for me, argues with me, laughs with and more often at me, astounds me with her simple logic (and pea-brain) and I’m really proud and happy that she’s all mine.

All in all, the story of my little sister and I has only just begun. I bet there are a gazillion more exciting experiences lurking around every corner, just waiting for us to explore them.

I can hardly wait!

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Happy Engagement, Harshu & Sho! 😁😁 Wishing you oodles of love 😙😘❤💙, a fountain of joy 😄🙌 and a whole lotta sparkle! 😂👰👸💖🎉🎊💍💑 ••• #harshuwedssho #roomiengagement #marathiwedding #roomielove #urt #urtdoodle #urtist #urtwork #doodlersofinstagram #artofinstagram #originalsketch #originalcharacter #sketchesofinstagram #doodleeveryday #drawingsofinstagram #draweveryday #drawingoftheday #digitalsketch #digitaldrawing #illustrationoftheday #sketchoftheday #cartoonsketch #colors #picsart #artexperiments #artlove #artforthesoul #colorsmakemehappy #wedding_illustration #newyearmorehashtags 😂
Happy Pongal, everybody! 😁💃 Eat some pongal! Go ahead, don't be shy, eat some more! Yikes! 😱 You almost forgot the sakkara pongal! 😥❤😂 Make merry! 😁😃💃 And most importantly, be happy! 😁🙌🙏 ••• #urt #urtdoodle #urtist #urtwork #doodlersofinstagram #pongal #pongal2018 #chennai #chennaidiaries #artofinstagram #originalsketch #originalcharacter #sketchesofinstagram #doodleeveryday #drawingsofinstagram #draweveryday #drawingoftheday #illustration #digitalsketch #digitaldrawing #illustrationoftheday #sketchoftheday #cartoonsketch #colors #picsart #artexperiments #artlove #artforthesoul #colorsmakemehappy