Dancing Queens


Close your eyes. Dazzling streaks of blue and white lights pierce the dusty air. A flash of blinding yellow light and the incredibly loud music rents the air. It blasts away a month two months of our mundane college days and sleepless college nights. The field erupts into a volcano of yells as a thousand students endeavour to bring the sky down. I open my eyes.  I look at my friend gleaming in the darkess and smile. Let the show begin.

Fun fact.

A. If ever you are stuck in a room with me and couldn’t escape until you made me talk, you’d rot in there. I’m not kidding.

B.I don’t let my hair down(literally and figuratively!) and I analyze and calculate my degree of embarassment IF I make the unlikely mistake of dancing in public–for a rock concert–even if it’s in the DARK with my girl gang.

But tonight? I was going to take a humongous leap out of my cozy little comfort zone and GO CRAZY. Yep. Crazy. I was going to dance. And I was going to drag my equally(if not more) resistant buddy WITH ME.


The second the first strains of the song began, about 25 girls rushed past us onto the field and started dancing, my gang included. They waved at us to come. We shook our heads in unison.

Sigh, habits ingrained in my DNA were obviously going to be very difficult to break.

I looked at them longingly for a few minutes and asked Feez(my friend) casually, “Do you wanna join them? “. I waited for her reply anxiously. Nope.


We tapped our feet to the jaunty music and whooped when the song ended. The second song started.  I looked around me. Everybody was dancing. No one except Feez and I were idiotic enough to sit and simply clap to the rhythm. Fun, though that was, Enough was Enough.

“ Let’s Dance!”, I yelled over the music and dragged her to the field before I chickened out.

Our dancing buddies were ecstatic to see us join them. We were hustled to the centre and as the chorus started, we stood still and looked at each other…Uh what do we do?!

“Try this move! “ screamed one friend. And so we did.

We hopped on one foot and wiggled the other, jumped in the air and hooted, waved our arms like windmills, did the Egyptian sideways walk, the wave and LAUGHED! Laughed hard till our sides ached and we doubled over looking at each other’s efforts. It was so much of FUN!

I never realized that dancing so uninhibitedly was so cathartic and just pure fun all the way! It makes you feel like you can do anything in the world and frees your body, mind and spirit!

There was so much of positive energy and laughter last night.

As the songs became faster and the night darker, we just danced harder!

It was incredible letting our hair down(literally! I never do 😛 ) and letting the pulsing lights and the soul-shaking music lift us high. We danced like rock-chick-Cinderellas till midnight as the neon lights swooshed across the sky, illuminating everybody and everything and heightening the surreal feeling!

Have YOU been to a rock concert? If you haven’t, DO IT! And don’t be afraid to put your best foot forward and jiggle it with all you have! If not now, WHEN?


Remember, YOLO! 😀 (You Live Only Once)!



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