When you’re bored out of your wits and STILL feel that feverish longing to do something, pick up your pen and doodle away to glory! Who knows? It might actually turn out to be something incredibly beautiful AND wait, who was bored again?



What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

~ William Shakespeare

A little confusing,that.. I like this one-
A rose is a rose is a rose! 😀

Purple Sky

Purple Sky

And it will be a brighter, lovelier tomorrow…when the sun peeps from behind the clouds, you WILL see the silver lining.

Radiant Orchids

Radiant Orchids

Flowers don’t worry about how the’re going to bloom. They just open up and turn toward the light and that makes them beautiful.

~Jim Carrey

The Sea As I Know It

The Sea As I Know It

The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.

-Jacques Yves Cousteau

Beauty and the Beach


Qurum Beach, Oman


Have you ever walked on the beach in the earrrly morning? When you’re barely awake and thinking darkly about your fitness-freak friend who poured a mug of water on your angelic, sleeping face and yelled in your ear? Sigh…I guess not.


Anyway, there I was, driving to the beach at 6 in the morning. ON A HOLIDAY. I know right?


There was chilly sea-breeze tickling my nose and I sneezed as I stepped out of the warm car. Not a good sign, I warned as I tripped into a sand hole and looked up and saw THAT sea!

The most gorgeous, beautiful silvery sea stared right back at me.

How can I describe something so lovely? The light-blue sky and a radiant sea; salty, sea-breeze pushing you back playfully and the moon in front of you and the early-morning sun behind, peeping through the palm-trees;

Miniature storks toddling happily through the water, they walk so fast that you can barely see their legs moving! Ten minutes have gone by and the sun decides that it’s time to make an appearance! The sets slowly change, a pale blush shadows the sky and golden glitter powders the lightest blue. The moon is still there, though. The sea which ws so placid and silvery now begins to sparkle and the waves become stronger. A delicate warmth now radiates and we tie our jackets around our waist as we continue jogging.

Oh! Didn’t I mention it? We were jogging(**disgust**)..well my friend was jogging and I was huffing and puffing like a steam engine running fast out of coal and praying that the end-of-the-wall would come at the same rate that we were jogging towards it! To take my mind off the pain and the sound of my breathing(wasn’t pretty), I looked around and boy, was there PLENTY!


There was a little round water conference of serious-looking storks discussing their agenda for the day, a couple of secretaries and bodyguards scuttling around hunting for refreshments and little red crabs hurrying away to safer ground(you didn’t see me!).

The sea was the star attraction, though. Dressed in its fanciest and trusty blue and white, it glowed aand sparkled with the sunlight and the shoals of fish drifting through leaving patches of pure silver between the blues and greens. I know it sounds mushy but how does nature paint something so beautiful? The mist cleared before our eyes and golden rays filtered through the trees turned the sand and sea to a magical haven!


We finally reached the end-point and whooped with joy(and tears of gratitude!) I looked at the sea now. The whole beach. The glorious sun. The soft breeze. When I closed my eyes, a sense of timelessness stole across me. The muffled roar of the waves and the yummy sea-spray.


I could stand there forever!


Hope my short-term memory caches this ‘cos I have a baaad feeling that I’m going to need this inspiration to wake up tomorrow.



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See you soon! 😊
P.S. I don't draw boy-doodles very well. 😅😷
#urtcomic #urtdoodle #fathersday Threadbare khadi towels, fiery hot cobblestones and high wires. No. It's not an acrobatic act! Very close though. 😂 Have YOU ever hung clothes out to dry on metal wires you could barely reach, doing a weird hopscotch-ish dance on the hot ground because you forgot your slippers, AGAIN? 😂😧đŸ˜ļ🙋🙌 Tough times. đŸ˜Ĩ
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And yes, I can and did draw them in real life too! 😂😛😋
#indialove #memories #urtdoodle #urt #chennaidiaries Happy Mother's Day, Amma! 😄😊😘
From your brattier daughter,
Shriya 😄
P.S. I had to give you the glasses because everybody needs to know who's the mother and who's the daughter, right? 😂😜