No More Juice For My Baby


The year was 2012. The month, May. It was a glorious day. And I was anxiously waiting for my new baby. Have you seen Dumbo? Yep, I was waiting for the lucky stork-mailguy to deliver my little package-of-joy.

The doorbell pinged as I jumped out of my chair and opened the door. I swooped down and lifted my precious package and hurried back inside.

I gently unwrapped the covers with bated breath. Lo and Behold! There it was…my perfect little laptop, all new and shiny! I held back proud tears as I hoisted the new addition to my family…

Fast forward to 2014. It was the hottest day ever as I hastily dumped my laptop inside my backpack.

“Don’t forget the Papayas!”, yelled my granny. “Here, I’ve wrapped them up nice and tight. It’s gorgeously juicy! You’ll love it!”.

“Sure, sure. Are you sure it’s wrapped tightly? ‘K Bye!”, I waved as I rushed out to catch the bus back to the hostel.

The bus was FULL. I wobbled and my bag jiggled happily along with me and the bus. The bus swayed, I swayed and my backpack swayed. After 45 minutes of intense dancing, I finally arrived.

It was 5pm. I was LATE! I still had my project to complete! Gaaaaah! I raced up to my room and tossed the laptop onto my bed, powered it up and waited.

And waited…and waited and wait…what was that orange stuff sticking to the bottom of the laptop?


The PAPAYAS! My project was in the laptop! My entire LIFE WAS IN THE LAPTOP!

Hysterical right now. OK, OK. Don’t panic, don’t panic..Try again..Whoooosh. Deep calm breath..

It’s on aaand NOOOOOOOOOOO! *fit in anguished cry*

I immediately switched to my-life-is-over-and-where’s-the-nearest-window mode. I made a call. Well, who would YOU call if your life looked like it was going to crash down the Niagara? Duh! Your parents!

I listened but mostly moaned as I tearfully listened to my angels across the sea. I quickly wrote down the nearest service center address  aka emergency room, (NOW) carefully removed the battery from my baby and zipped it up in a DRY backpack. Armed with money and a fervent prayer on my lips, I ran.

I ran to save my baby’s life and mine.

The techie looked at my laptop’s state. Slightly battered(But no less loved! T_T ) and a fine sheet of dust misting the screen. “What happened?”. “Juice. Papaya Juice, to be exact.”, I whispered.

He took it to his inner sanctum. Faint sounds of screws, metal and keys floated outside to my anxious ears. I couldn’t sit still. That was my baby in there!

*Sniff * If ONLY I’d taken CARE to wrap the papayas or even wrap the laptop in its sleeve! If only..If ONLY I could turn back the clock by JUST 45 minutes, the laptop wouldn’t be here, fighting for its life..

I’ve never felt regret so acutely, as sharp as real pain. I thought of all the times I’d just tossed it onto the bed and forgot to clean the screen or banged the keys. I remembered every single thing that I could do with it. My pilates, my books, music and most importantly, my project. I had to submit it tomorrow. Now how could I?

I stared back at my reflection on the door and promised hard, as we always do when we we know we’re going to lose something we’ve been taking for granted for so long, I would love it with all my heart. Just let it be alright!

I closed my eyes and prayed.

Suddenly, I heard a small tinkle, and then, the beautiful strains of a healthy, happy laptop! The most beautiful sound in the world! Ta-da-ta-da! *The Windows tune!*

Out came by baby borne in the arms of it’s (and my) savior! I took it gently, grinning from ear-to-ear.

“Just a display IC got busted. I replaced it”, said the savior. “Take care of it!” I could just nod dumbly. I paid him and skipped out happily.

I looked at my baby fondly and gave a satisfied sniff of happiness. Right there I made a decision.

No more juice for you, honey!


About The Urtist

Hullooo! Crazy college girl, Book-Nut, Mini-Artist, (Lovable) Klutz, Head-in-the-Tree-tops with a teeeeensy "The Sky Is Falling!" complex. Yup. That's me. All of Me. And nothing but Me. Ooh! And I LOVE pilates!

4 responses to “No More Juice For My Baby

  1. Ravi Chandran

    Yes, I understand that feeling very, very well…

    I will tell you the story of my laptop(s) someday…it will be an epic with the characters being: a brand new Toshiba Ultrabook (‘imported’ fm the U.S) being ‘showered’ with coffee by a cousin, a MacBook Air (bought because of an overseas trip for which a laptop was required, immediately-within 4 days to be precise), loss of a car key remote while waiting for recovery of data from my Ultrabook’s SSD ‘hard’ disk, purchase of a Logitech keyboard for using the iPad (while waiting for the Ultrabook to be repaired) going bust later with Duracell batteries leaking etc. etc. (there is more)!.

    Guess it’d even be funny to note the ‘series of (undesirable) events’ that happened in quick succession – if I can forget the cost incurred !.

  2. Oh yeah,I understand the human sentiments to laptops, bags, cars, apartments and such!

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