ImageIt’s dark and a flash of lightning splits the skies. Heavy drops of rain fall on my head as I run frantically through the woods. There’s a green flash and a loud yell. I run faster.

I can see the welcoming light. Just a few more feet and I’ll be safe! I look back for a fraction of a second and as I turn my head, I run smack into the dark,hooded monster. The red eyes gleam in the darkness as he raises his wand. I scream and kick him right in the … GASP!

I half-shoot up, do a fantastic rollover and hit the floor.

The horror! I open my eyes and see pale streaks of light peeking though the curtains.

I heave a shuddering sigh. Just a Nightmare.


Hmm..hmm. I’m a few seconds into the important process of brushing my teeth , reflecting on my weird dream and calming myself by humming the Winnie the Pooh Theme Song( Have you tried it? It gets you out of the blue like THAT! ) when the proverbial little light bulb flashed above my head. What if I record this little nightmare..stretch it into a full story, add extra drama, flashing lights and of course, an awesome heroine(ME) and post it? I looked up into the mirror and smiled a toothpasty-smile. Perfect.


I was too excited to eat breakfast. This little nugget had to be typed ASAP. I powered up my laptop and opened the Text Editor. A beautiful white screen smiled happily at me. My heart gave a happy little bounce in reply. I placed my fingers on the keyboard and started a fearful volley of typing.

And so it went. Longer and longer. Deleting an entire paragraph. My ONLY paragraph.

After an hour, I was ready to call it quits.

The excitement and the anticipation of writing something wickedly cool just spluttered out when I actually tried to write! It was as if that excited energy was meant to remain just that. Excited energy.


Do you feel like that sometimes? When you think you have a great idea that you JUST have to write but when you start, you sometimes (not always!) lose your enthusiasm and just shelve it?


I love experimenting with colors and patterns and give my imagination full rein with Picsart (it’s a mobile app for artsy stuff! ) But sometimes, I do need some inspiration to begin. I was musing on this knotty problem when this tiny thought popped into my head.


What if we found our inspiration in everything around us? Not fantastic, world-changing, erudite thoughts but small, seemingly trivial things that we take for granted…


Like the sun streaming through the leafy-green trees or the color of your best friend’s shirt; The green vase in a movie and the lace-doily on the table? What about the bright-little bird atop a tree or the lovely girl sitting in front of you? Everything could spark our imagination if we noticed it!


We don’t need to go starry-eyed over everything around us! But if we let the world around us sink into us, just for a moment, we would discover uncharted depths within us. Who knows? Maybe a Picasso or a mini Yanni or even a Nigella?( (or Heston Blumethal) within us!

 The world keeps reinventing itself every second. Not one moment is exactly like the next! Have you noticed that?

 Wouldn’t it be amazing if we were inspired and energized by every ever-changin’ moment in our lives? The good, bad and ugly? We’d never be miserable or bogged down by our worries, we’d be too busy looking around us and smelling the roses, petunias and the smell of burning toast…

The smell of burning toast? Yikes! My breakfast!

Wait one little moment…The Tale of The Burning Toast…no…Why the Pot called the Toast Black? I’ll save it for next time. 😉

Well I’ll be seeing you! Until the next time I’m inspired. Oh wait, I already am.


About The Urtist

Hullooo! Crazy college girl, Book-Nut, Mini-Artist, (Lovable) Klutz, Head-in-the-Tree-tops with a teeeeensy "The Sky Is Falling!" complex. Yup. That's me. All of Me. And nothing but Me. Ooh! And I LOVE pilates!

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