Carpe Diem!


Do you sometimes feel like you have NO IDEA what to do with yourself? I do. Frequently!

It’s not that i have nothing to do, it’s just that i don’t want to venture out of my cozy little comfort zone and try something new or do something exciting.
There are a zillion craaazy things to experience and do every single day! I dream of owning my own library, a blissful holiday in bora-bora(no idea where it is!), do NOTHING all day long, eating whatever i want and not puttin on an ounce(ha! fat chance.), strut down the runway at the Paris Fashion week, try bungee jumping, go out on a date, buy the craziest, most gorgeous dress everrr and so much more!
But nothing really ever happens when you only sit and dream. Whatever it is, you’ve got to believe that it’s absolutely,positively possible and go out and DO IT! Easy to say when i’m incredibly lazy.
To really jolt myself out of the depressing limbo of “I’m so pathetic” cycle, I have to find different ways of snapping out of my reverie and actually doing something. I find that pilates and not just ANY pilates, POP PILATES with the irrepressibly cheerful Cassey Ho ALWAYS manages to lift my spirits! Have you tried her workouts? they’re an insane amount of FUN! Terribly hard and always painful but makes me feel like I can conquer the world and ain’t NOTHIN’ can stop me! Muahahahaha! Gruelling workouts tend to do that. Breathing becomes your first and only priority.
Delving into my magic trove of books by Betty Neels also cheers me up. Gorgeous Dutchmen, mountainous desserts, beautiful clothes, lovely mansions and a sigh-worthy happily-ever-after makes you believe that life is indeed very beautiful! Smell the roses, look at the sky and savour every mouthful for who knows? Your Prince Charming might be just around the proverbial corner waiting to ambush you!
So, get out and try something new every day. Make every day COUNT. Doesn’t it give you a feeling of satisfaction when at the wnd of the day, you KNOW that today was NOT like yesterday or the day before and will not be like tomorrow. A brand new day with a whole rainbow of fresh experiences!
Isn’t life just peachy?


About The Urtist

Hullooo! Crazy college girl, Book-Nut, Mini-Artist, (Lovable) Klutz, Head-in-the-Tree-tops with a teeeeensy "The Sky Is Falling!" complex. Yup. That's me. All of Me. And nothing but Me. Ooh! And I LOVE pilates!

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