Dancing Queens


Close your eyes. Dazzling streaks of blue and white lights pierce the dusty air. A flash of blinding yellow light and the incredibly loud music rents the air. It blasts away a month two months of our mundane college days and sleepless college nights. The field erupts into a volcano of yells as a thousand students endeavour to bring the sky down. I open my eyes.  I look at my friend gleaming in the darkess and smile. Let the show begin.

Fun fact.

A. If ever you are stuck in a room with me and couldn’t escape until you made me talk, you’d rot in there. I’m not kidding.

B.I don’t let my hair down(literally and figuratively!) and I analyze and calculate my degree of embarassment IF I make the unlikely mistake of dancing in public–for a rock concert–even if it’s in the DARK with my girl gang.

But tonight? I was going to take a humongous leap out of my cozy little comfort zone and GO CRAZY. Yep. Crazy. I was going to dance. And I was going to drag my equally(if not more) resistant buddy WITH ME.


The second the first strains of the song began, about 25 girls rushed past us onto the field and started dancing, my gang included. They waved at us to come. We shook our heads in unison.

Sigh, habits ingrained in my DNA were obviously going to be very difficult to break.

I looked at them longingly for a few minutes and asked Feez(my friend) casually, “Do you wanna join them? “. I waited for her reply anxiously. Nope.


We tapped our feet to the jaunty music and whooped when the song ended. The second song started.  I looked around me. Everybody was dancing. No one except Feez and I were idiotic enough to sit and simply clap to the rhythm. Fun, though that was, Enough was Enough.

“ Let’s Dance!”, I yelled over the music and dragged her to the field before I chickened out.

Our dancing buddies were ecstatic to see us join them. We were hustled to the centre and as the chorus started, we stood still and looked at each other…Uh what do we do?!

“Try this move! “ screamed one friend. And so we did.

We hopped on one foot and wiggled the other, jumped in the air and hooted, waved our arms like windmills, did the Egyptian sideways walk, the wave and LAUGHED! Laughed hard till our sides ached and we doubled over looking at each other’s efforts. It was so much of FUN!

I never realized that dancing so uninhibitedly was so cathartic and just pure fun all the way! It makes you feel like you can do anything in the world and frees your body, mind and spirit!

There was so much of positive energy and laughter last night.

As the songs became faster and the night darker, we just danced harder!

It was incredible letting our hair down(literally! I never do 😛 ) and letting the pulsing lights and the soul-shaking music lift us high. We danced like rock-chick-Cinderellas till midnight as the neon lights swooshed across the sky, illuminating everybody and everything and heightening the surreal feeling!

Have YOU been to a rock concert? If you haven’t, DO IT! And don’t be afraid to put your best foot forward and jiggle it with all you have! If not now, WHEN?


Remember, YOLO! 😀 (You Live Only Once)!



Country Peace

Country Peace

And there’s a little cottage in the country where the birds chirp so sweet and the wind rustles through the trees…Can you hear it?
❤ 🙂

No More Juice For My Baby


The year was 2012. The month, May. It was a glorious day. And I was anxiously waiting for my new baby. Have you seen Dumbo? Yep, I was waiting for the lucky stork-mailguy to deliver my little package-of-joy.

The doorbell pinged as I jumped out of my chair and opened the door. I swooped down and lifted my precious package and hurried back inside.

I gently unwrapped the covers with bated breath. Lo and Behold! There it was…my perfect little laptop, all new and shiny! I held back proud tears as I hoisted the new addition to my family…

Fast forward to 2014. It was the hottest day ever as I hastily dumped my laptop inside my backpack.

“Don’t forget the Papayas!”, yelled my granny. “Here, I’ve wrapped them up nice and tight. It’s gorgeously juicy! You’ll love it!”.

“Sure, sure. Are you sure it’s wrapped tightly? ‘K Bye!”, I waved as I rushed out to catch the bus back to the hostel.

The bus was FULL. I wobbled and my bag jiggled happily along with me and the bus. The bus swayed, I swayed and my backpack swayed. After 45 minutes of intense dancing, I finally arrived.

It was 5pm. I was LATE! I still had my project to complete! Gaaaaah! I raced up to my room and tossed the laptop onto my bed, powered it up and waited.

And waited…and waited and wait…what was that orange stuff sticking to the bottom of the laptop?


The PAPAYAS! My project was in the laptop! My entire LIFE WAS IN THE LAPTOP!

Hysterical right now. OK, OK. Don’t panic, don’t panic..Try again..Whoooosh. Deep calm breath..

It’s on aaand NOOOOOOOOOOO! *fit in anguished cry*

I immediately switched to my-life-is-over-and-where’s-the-nearest-window mode. I made a call. Well, who would YOU call if your life looked like it was going to crash down the Niagara? Duh! Your parents!

I listened but mostly moaned as I tearfully listened to my angels across the sea. I quickly wrote down the nearest service center address  aka emergency room, (NOW) carefully removed the battery from my baby and zipped it up in a DRY backpack. Armed with money and a fervent prayer on my lips, I ran.

I ran to save my baby’s life and mine.

The techie looked at my laptop’s state. Slightly battered(But no less loved! T_T ) and a fine sheet of dust misting the screen. “What happened?”. “Juice. Papaya Juice, to be exact.”, I whispered.

He took it to his inner sanctum. Faint sounds of screws, metal and keys floated outside to my anxious ears. I couldn’t sit still. That was my baby in there!

*Sniff * If ONLY I’d taken CARE to wrap the papayas or even wrap the laptop in its sleeve! If only..If ONLY I could turn back the clock by JUST 45 minutes, the laptop wouldn’t be here, fighting for its life..

I’ve never felt regret so acutely, as sharp as real pain. I thought of all the times I’d just tossed it onto the bed and forgot to clean the screen or banged the keys. I remembered every single thing that I could do with it. My pilates, my books, music and most importantly, my project. I had to submit it tomorrow. Now how could I?

I stared back at my reflection on the door and promised hard, as we always do when we we know we’re going to lose something we’ve been taking for granted for so long, I would love it with all my heart. Just let it be alright!

I closed my eyes and prayed.

Suddenly, I heard a small tinkle, and then, the beautiful strains of a healthy, happy laptop! The most beautiful sound in the world! Ta-da-ta-da! *The Windows tune!*

Out came by baby borne in the arms of it’s (and my) savior! I took it gently, grinning from ear-to-ear.

“Just a display IC got busted. I replaced it”, said the savior. “Take care of it!” I could just nod dumbly. I paid him and skipped out happily.

I looked at my baby fondly and gave a satisfied sniff of happiness. Right there I made a decision.

No more juice for you, honey!


Hey everybody! It’s been a reeeeally long time! I’ve been so caught up with college and in the snarling Devil’s Snare-Triwizard Maz-ish exasperating, frustrating, compli…wait..this sounds like a Taylor Swift song..Uggh…Let’s start again.
LONG TIME NO WRITE guys! Well, THAT’s not being completely honest. I wrote some crazy-long papers and suffered through near-failing some of my exams and a possible heart-attack…*shudder*
Nothing I write seems to turn out very positive, does it? LOL. It’s probably because I’m veering towards college stuff and the hullabaloo that comes with it!

I can’t believe my luck either! I have so much time on my hands, I’m going a little crazy. OK, a LOT crazy. Like jumping-around-like-a-demented-dingbat-crazy.
So what’s a girl to do? Try something NEW, of course! Something NOT in my alley. Something that I wouldn’t even CONSIDER stepping into for fear of killing people, burning the house down or if I have to be a little optimistic, a little poisoning. Yeah, just a teeny bit..Hmm..(*nods sagely* or was it *saVAgely?* X_X )
Nooo, I have not become homicidal within a few months( though I was sorely tempted for a while in college..those professors…YEESH!), I’m talking about that most sacred of arts, the one thing to get your nose tingling and your home smelling like PARADISE! Yep, it’s COOKING folks. Or to be more specific, BAKING.
I should explain a little about my love for cooking. It’ll be really short. There wasn’t any! Well, unless you don’t count making banana milkshakes after avidly watching Tellytubbies. Yep, I don’t think that counts!
But BAKING has a whole different meaning. After reading tons of books that eulogize baking and how women always bake when they’re stresses and how cathartic and therapeutic it is to take out your anger and punches on a willing piece of dough, made better by all that *take THAT sucker!* whacks, it seems like the OBVIOUS excuse to enter mom’s hallowed portals.
I remember the morning so well…(I’m not telling you that it was yesterday..) The sky was blue and shining, there wasn’t a cloud to blot my happiness of the holidays and sucking in a deep breath and bolstering my courage, I stepped across the safety zone into the KITCHEN.
I’d looked up my first recipe. Banana bread. Sigh…I know, I know. Not very imaginative. I could have googled raspberry Parfait or something absolutely marvelous like Triple-Layer Cheesecake with Peanut Butter and no, I did not just google that! Nope, my very first baking attempt was with a good, old-fashioned banana. Why? Because the house was OVERFLOWING with bananas, that’s why!
I wasn’t complaining. Bananas have a naturally gooey texture and it would help me in my maiden effort! So, I got together all my ingredients guaranteed to produce a gorgeous, little banana cake. I sifted flour, clumsily cracked 2 eggs, generously poured sugar(*LORD, ANYTHING WITH ENOUGH SUGAR MAY BE EATEN WITH THY GRACE.*), a dash of cinnamon and a tiny splosh of vanilla essence and with great guilt, a cup of vegetable oil..Goodbye abs…Sigh…you gotta let go of something to get something magical!
OMG I forgot the most important ingredient, BANANAS! I mashed the lovely yellows to sticky, gooey mush and added it to the mixing bowl. I started whisking with added zest and TADA! The cake mixture was DONE! Stage 1, cleared.
I sniffed the brown mash delicately, hmm…smells pretty good from the cinnamon and vanilla, I wonder how it would taste…YUCK! Time to get in the oven!
I popped the mixture, now snug-as-a-bug in the baking tray into the oven, set the timer for 20 minutes, closed my eyes and prayed.
I have never, I repeat, NEVER known 20 minutes to go by so slowly. What ever happened to Tempus Fugit? Grrr…I peeped through the glass anxiously, was my baby ok? Gaaah! I couldn’t see anything through the dark glass! I paced like a caged erm..panther! Yeah, rawr..
I realized that my willing it to cook faster wasn’t pressurizing it in the slightest and so, I went around the house aimlessly, cocking my ear for the sweet TING! After an unbearable 19 minutes, I knew it was 19 because I’d rushed back to the kitchen smelling the faint cakey fragrance…
I glanced at the timer, 30 seconds to go…I dropped on to my hands and did a downward-facing -dog(that’s a yoga pose!) and stretched out to a plank. 10 seconds. 10 push-ups. Go!
10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1-TING! It beeped! Whoopee! I leaped up and opened the oven door. Carefully, that’s it, slow and steady..I pulled out the baking tray and sucked in a breath.
The most beautiful, deliciously-golden and scrumptiously-fragrant banana cake looked back at me. I placed the golden beauty on the wire tray to cool and watched it from every angle, like a mother with her new baby. It was so perfect! The slight crustiness on top, a little walnut poking out and the fragrance, sigh…much better than a baby’s bottom!
I quickly powdered sugar and squeezed in lemon to make the icing and dabbed it generously on Goldie. Yummy! I sliced Goldie into various sizes and placed it on a plate. This was the moment of truth. Would it taste as good as it smelt and looked?
It did.
It was magical and absolutely unbelievable that I could actually create something so delicious! I didn’t choke and die(yet)! Yippeee! The world is mine. Muahahahaha! Look out Rachel Allen!
Seriously, the niggling doubt and fear about the forbidden-zone disappeared. I am no longer afraid of the KITCHEN and the MICROWAVE. I think that’s my biggest achievement and the fact that I BAKED, of course!
Don’t be scared! Step out of your comfort zone and try something DASHING! Stun your friends and family( My family were pretty gobsmacked! 😉 ).It makes you feel so AWESOME too!
So, go ahead! You know, you can bake your cake and eat it too! 😀



He make look crusty but he’s a sweetheart! ❤



When you’re bored out of your wits and STILL feel that feverish longing to do something, pick up your pen and doodle away to glory! Who knows? It might actually turn out to be something incredibly beautiful AND wait, who was bored again?

Mini Mural

Mini Mural

To draw, you must close your eyes and sing!

~Pablo Picasso

First Haiku!

First Haiku!

The cold wind whipping by
Feel my heart yearning to rise
Dare to dream and fly?

Let's Haiku!

Starry Skies

Starry Skies

Where was I when the rocket came to life? And carried me away to the Alligator Sky?


Falling Leaves

Falling Leaves

And the leaves are a-falling!



What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

~ William Shakespeare

A little confusing,that.. I like this one-
A rose is a rose is a rose! 😀

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Happy Pongal, everybody! 😁💃 Eat some pongal! Go ahead, don't be shy, eat some more! Yikes! 😱 You almost forgot the sakkara pongal! 😥❤😂 Make merry! 😁😃💃 And most importantly, be happy! 😁🙌🙏 ••• #urt #urtdoodle #urtist #urtwork #doodlersofinstagram #pongal #pongal2018 #chennai #chennaidiaries #artofinstagram #originalsketch #originalcharacter #sketchesofinstagram #doodleeveryday #drawingsofinstagram #draweveryday #drawingoftheday #illustration #digitalsketch #digitaldrawing #illustrationoftheday #sketchoftheday #cartoonsketch #colors #picsart #artexperiments #artlove #artforthesoul #colorsmakemehappy